The Works of Hunter Sharp

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A poster for the Children’s art event.

Logo and Splash designs for a new day care at Portland State University, The Little Vikings.

Donation flyers with corny little ghost owls on them. Who-o-o could want more?

Logo Designs for FLOCK, the Portland State group for Families Living on Campus with Kids

Logo Design for a Ma and Daughter bakery that is just adorables.

Pending final draft of a logo for a company I’m now designing for! Cascadium Pictures & Design!

Check ‘em out at They are something special and a half!

A Logo Design for a new house cleaning company I have not met the owner of but am sure I would like. Pride.

A specimen book for the Courier Typeface

Some designs for the chocolate company LeCoCo (I made it up). Each package features an historical individual who was punished viciously for the rebellious actions he committed in society. If you are a renegade, a rebel, a no sit downer, then this sickeningly sweet chocolate is for you….

Caveman gonna have some problems gittin in on that couch action.